XBOX Live hangs up on me

My friend came over today and we cranked up the XBOX 360.  Start Tiger Woods 2007.  Log into XBOX Live.

Wait – what’s this?  I can’t log in?  Oh – my credit card is expired.  Hmmm – I’ve discussed this with XBOX Live support twice in the last 3-4 weeks.  I thought they would have it fixed by now – I mean, it’s an easy fix!

My debit card expired in February.  XBOX Live tried to bill me in July – on my expired card.  Of course, I had received a new card in January – same account number.  I went to the XBOX support web site and tried to change the expiration date (the only thing on my account info that changed this year).

Nope – can’t change it.  It says something like, “Invalid payment selection”.  Odd. The card works fine everywhere else.  But XBOX.

So I call them.  My friend is sitting here, so I put it on the speaker-phone.  I get tech support in India.  The guy asks me the same 15 minutes worth of questions I answered just last week when I called XBOX Support.  They want me to prove that I own the account before I pay the bill on the account.  PLEASE – XBOX – “I hereby give you permission to allow ANYONE ON THE PLANET to pay my account”, ok?

So we get through that and he looks into my account and tells me my credit card is banned from the XBOX system for having too many “declined” attempts to bill me.  After a little digging I found that MS tried to charge my expired card.  It was declined.  They tried again.  It was declined.  They tried again – and it was declined.  Eventually they tried enough that they (according to XBOX support) permanently banned my credit card number from XBOX Live.  They say there is no way to reset that bit and un-ban it and let me pay my bill.  “It can’t be done”.  REALLY?

They tell me 20 times that I can “just get another credit card and use it”.  I don’t want another credit card.  I don’t want ANY credit cards.  I use my debit card.  I pay for what I use, as I use it.  They tell be to go buy a pre-paid credit card.  Seriously – that was their suggestion!

Finally I ask for a supervisor, and am put on hold for 5 minutes.  The same guy comes back, tells me he talked to the supervisor and that what he told me was all XBOX had to offer me, and that it wouldn’t do me any good to speak with her.  I insisted that I did INDEED want to speak with her.

Five minutes later she comes on the phone and is very rude – she cuts me off when I am speaking, refuses to give me her supervisor’s name and then hangs up on me telling me, “I’ve already told you to get a new credit card.  Otherwise we cannot help you”.

Great. I have over $1800 invested in two XBOX systems and I can’t use them because Microsoft continued trying to charge an expired debit card until their system locked my number out.  Apparently for life.

Isn’t one definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to differ?  Why would they keep trying to charge on an expired card?

Why can’t they just FIX this?  My card is good – my money is good.  They just need to correct the expiration date.  That’s all.  They get their money, I get my XBOX Live.  EVERYBODY IS HAPPY!

Why couldn’t anyone help me, and why did they just hang up on me?  Why wasn’t I given the supervisor’s contact information?  Does this first level supervisor in India really have no other boss at Microsoft?  Is she the Goddess of XBOX Live support?  And did I mention she was rude?

And finally – and this really pours salt into my open gaping wound – I just got my XBOX repaired (under warranty).  As an apology, Microsoft sent me a card worth one month free XBOX Live.  It has an activation code on it – but the code won’t work.  Why?  Because more than my credit card is blocked – my entire XBXO Live account is blocked.  MS OWES me a free month of XBOX Live – I have the gift card.  It’s already mine.  But I can’t use it. I am currently unwelcome on XBOX Live – even though I have a free month coming to me – regardless of my expiration date on my card.

Now you would think that if this happened to a good customer, on a Saturday, that the XBOX Support staff would be able to handle it in a rational fashion:

“I’m sorry, Mr. La Gesse.  I see the problem.  But I cannot fix it from here – we can forward the request to a team that can.  While we do that we are activating your account for one week while we work to solve this problem”.

But no – instead they hang up on me.  Indian Tech Support hung up on me.

XBOX Live disappointed me today.  BIG TIME.  All I want to do is use what I have paid for – and what I am willing to pay for. 

Gads – the world is completely nucking futs!


  1. Wow – they are two pretty ugly examples! I don’t mind Indian all centers – as long as they are empowered to actually hlp me, and that they do speak English well enough that we can communicate. And if I ever raise my oice, it’s not because they are Indian – but because they aren’t listening to me 🙂

  2. The reason the above comment was groggy was that I was awake when I am supposed to be asleep. 🙂

  3. It’s my country dude. Those peeps aren’t representing my country, but most american’s views of India are through rude technical support, which isn’t exactly a job with excellent morale boosting capabilities.

    So, the sorry was just to say that she didn’t have anything against you, would have been very polite and friendly with you if you two had met in person in any other circumstance, and is probably in the wrong job. We can’t do much about it, except to be nice when possible so that stuff like this and this doesn’t happen. I’ve seen it happen, and it can tear people to shreds. Now that I’ve gotten the link to you, I’ve done my part 🙂

    P.S. This comment mightn’t be the most coherent, but the very essence is that I don’t want India to be made synonymous with bad tech support. So, Sorry 🙂

  4. @Yuvi – what are YOU sorry for? 🙂

    You rock!


  5. Sorry.

  6. @David – yes – I left Verizon last October. I loved their coverage. Hated their customer service.

    I am on T-Mobile now. Hate their coverage (it does work everywhere in the San Antonio area – just not so good out on I-10 in West Texas, or on I35 between Waco and Dallas) – but I love their customer service.

    I’ll deal with lower quality service before I will deal with lower quality support. Must be something in my background that is responsible for that attitude 😉


  7. Sounds like what happens to me whenever I call verizon to fix a billing issue. Ugh


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