XBOX360 HD/DVD Dashboard

I don’t know why Microsoft thinks this interface works – it’s awkward.

It’s hard to see in this image (the only one I could find) – but you see the circle on the bottom, where the bottom half of the circle is highlighted (and the text reads “Opens HD/DVD Tray”?  That single graphic – the circle – controls both the internal DVD (games most often) and the HD/DVD. 

If you don’t have it in the right half of the circle, you get the wrong thing – ok, fine.  Top is DVD, bottom is HD/DVD. 

Forget that it’s hard to see and that the remote is pretty sensitive and may move accidentally – how come when I *do* have the HD/DVD selected the eject button on my remote ejects the DVD, and not the HD/DVD?  In fact, I don’t think there is a way to eject the HD/DVD from the remote, which sucks – because the eject button on the HD/DVD hardware is pretty much crap. (meaning I have to push it ten times to get the HD/DVD to eject – I guess I could have bad hardware).

 And while I am ranting, why don’t they show me WHAT is in my DVD drive (which video game) and show me which movie is in the HD/DVD drive?  That should be simple enough you would think – and it would be very useful.  My kids often play games after I go to sleep. Before I tell a game to start it would be nice to know what title I am launching – same thing for movies.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my XBOX360.  I love HD/DVD.  But I know Microsoft can make this better with just a software update.