Yahoo! Widgets


I’ve been playing around with writing widgets for Yahoo’s Widget Engine. 

To date, I’ve simply modified an existing widget (Multicam by John Hinds).  I’m basically turning it into a San Antonio (SAT) Traffic Camera monitor, based on the images provided by TransGuide.  During our big freeze this week, the camera were very interesting to watch (until TransGuide died!)






Before Yahoo! bought konfabulator I played with widget writing, but for some reason stopped.  In any case, this will be able to monitor 9 cameras at a time, with the ability to click on any image and bring it to the forefront.

Right now I’ve pretty much just changed the default camera links (and update timing) and re-branded the widget.  My plans are to make it very much a San Antonio Traffic tool, to include things like accident reports, road closures, local cheapest gas of the day, etc.

But for now I’m just having fun learning the way the widgets work, and digesting the 308! page Widget Engine Reference Manual (PDF link).




If you would like to test it (especially if you have a Mac), please email at rob (at) lagesse (dot) org.  Please put SAT-Cam in the subject line.  I’ll email you back the .widget file for you to play with.  I don’t think there is any way I can hurt your system, but this is very much Alpha software, so the risk is all yours!