YCMTSU – 6:15 wake up call. Cop on a roll!

“You Can’t Make This Shit Up”

6:15 am and my phone rings.

I wake up, look at the caller-id and see that it is my local Police Department.

I’m the father of two teenagers – both who have their licenses.  Of course I immediately panicked.

“Sir, there is an officer at your front door that needs to speak to you”, said the dispatcher.

I quickly throw on some clothes and head to the front door, passing both the kids rooms on the way, checking to make sure they are here, and ok.  They were.

And my dog was here.  So what could the police want with me at 6:15 am?

I answer the door and a Police Officer is standing there, looking rather sheepish.  He starts the conversation with, “Mr. La Gesse?”

After we made our introduction he declares, “I’m sorry – I’m an idiot.  I stopped someone in front of your house and forgot to put my car in park.”

His car jumped the curb and ran over my mailbox.  I told him that my mailbox had been hit before, and that it wasn’t a big deal.  Waking me up and scaring the crap out of me IS a big deal!

The officer was very nice, and promised to replace the mailbox.  I imagine his co-workers will razz the hell out him though!

The shots below are dark, I know – it starts to lighten up just as they get the car off the post.  But you can see the tow truck lifting the cop car off the mailbox.  The cop car ended up being ok – the mailbox not so much!

The last photo shows mailbox – the post was broken in half (click the image you can see the broken post).

The phone call scared the crap out of me, but it could have been much worse.  I’ll take a banged up mailbox over a banged up kid or car any day!

Update: 9:23 am.  Police officer comes back to pay for the damage.  Nice guy.  Policy demands that he take a drug test if he damages property – so that’s why it took him a few hours to come back.

Cop car on top of mailbox - tow truck needed to lift it off post Cop car on top of mailbox
Cop car on top of mailbox - tow truck needed to lift it off post Cop car on top of mailbox - tow truck needed to lift it off post
Cop car now "unstuck" Backing off
Cop car seems ok And off he goes
Mailbox - notice broken post - mailbox now sits 18 inches off the ground. Back to pay for the damage!

This image is from three hours later – the cop came back and paid me for my mailbox.  He said he would have done it sooner, but policy dictates that they have to get a drug test done anytime they damage property.  He was a nice guy.


  1. @Kami – Well, it’s at the end of my sidewalk, two feet off the curb. Don’t know where else I could put it that would be “more safe”.

  2. You ever considered moving the location of your mailbox? It seems you have a lot of trouble with it at that location.

  3. @Paul – LOL! No, this guy was a SGT – the one that harassed me on my mower was a weekend fill-in (rent-a-cop).

  4. Paul Claessen says:

    I hope it was the same cop who once tried to arrest you while you were mowing your lawn… 😉