YCMTSU (You can’t make this shit up)

Had dinner with friends tonight.  My son left with their daughter (we’ve been friends for ever).  He’s out with the girls tonight (teenage boy out with college girls – that’s my boy!)

Anyway, my daughter was supposed to go to her mom’s tomorrow, but I figured, “Dad deserves a kid-free night”, so we called my ex and decided I would drop my daughter off at her house.  No kids!  Rare.

So I dropped my daughter off and my dog and I were driving home and I wasn’t paying enough attention.  I was doing 45 in a 35 and saw the lights in my rear-view.  I was getting pulled over (glad it was a no drinking night AND that I had changed my shirt after the one sip of beer I almost managed to get).

The officer pulls me over, checks my creds (license, insurance), etc and comes back to the car window.  This takes about 4 minutes.  Technology is great.

Officer: “It’s 9:40, and I get off work at ten.  I would rather get home on time.  Give me ONE GOOD REASON not to give you a ticket and I’ll let you go”.

I remembered a joke I read on the Internet over a year ago:

“Well, officer, to tell you the truth – my wife ran off with a cop over a year ago.  I was afraid you were trying to bring her back”.

The cop immediately burst into a snorting laughter and patted me on the shoulder telling me, “You can go – keep it slow”.

And that’s how the Internet saved me over a hundred dollars tonight.

Really.  YCMTSU.


  1. *ouch*

  2. What REALLY happened was: he recognized you as the ex of his wife!