Yeah – I never paid attention to the rules

Visitor’s hours were over hours and hours ago (8:30 pm) – it’s about 12:30 am now, but I just got home from spending time with my friend in the hospital.  He’s doing fine – just as mean as ever, which is a good sign.

The staff stopped trying to kick me out about two hours after shift change.  Instead they pretended that I wasn’t there, and that’s fine with me!

It was a Veteran’s Hospital, so it wasn’t top of the line or anything – they do the best they can with the money they get.  Bob was in a four man room. 

Bob doesn’t read blogs, so he’d never read mine – we passed the time with me reading select blog posts to the four patients – it was fun (thankfully they had WiFi).  I literally thought one of the guys was going to bust his stitches at one point (all four of these guys were same-day surgery patients).  It was great fun.  I wonder if the VA would let me come in a couple times a month and just read old blog posts to the patients?  I enjoyed it enough to do it again.

But the kids need to be at school early tomorrow, so I should probably get to sleep now.

If you ever get a chance to just chat with a Vet, do it.  I talked to a WWII Vet a Vietnam Vet and two Gulf War I Vets today.  And they were all funny, and personable.  And they all have amazing stories of service (which they willingly talk about) and sacrifice (which is much more difficult for them to talk about – until they feel comfortable with you).

It was my pleasure, and honor, to spend time with them tonight.