Yes, I am Happy. Thank You for Noticing!

Many people have recently commented that although I seem to have disappeared into a black hole, whenever I come out, I seem happy.

I AM happy 🙂

I am loving Mosso – the people are pretty amazing and I have a lot to learn. I love learning!

I am also adjusting to working in an office again – it has been a LONG time (close to 7 years, I think) since I routinely went into an office for a full day (and to me a full day is 8 hours – not 9, or 12!)

And when someone wants to have a 1:1 conversation at Mosso that usually means taking a stroll along the River Walk. Our offices are located right on the river, which is nice. But there are a lot of stairs, which my bum ankle and bad back are having trouble adjusting to. I am sure in the long run that I will be better off for all of the exercise – but for now, it is just a lot of pain!

The people I have met make me want to walk through the pain and wake when it is still dark. I never realized how much I missed working with bright people – especially bright, young people.

And I write this post using my new MacBook Pro, which is really a wonderful piece of engineering.

I will miss Windows Live Writer (the best blog publishing tool I ever used by far) – but I will adjust.


  1. @Dawnell – I’ll see if I can find him 🙂

  2. Dawnell says:

    Years ago, one of the guys left our shop to go and work for RackSpace. Young fella – Chris Boudreau(sp?), I think his name was.

  3. The WordPress Admin panel…***shudder*** If anyone can tackle that monster, you can!

  4. @Kaylyn – I am trying out MarsEdit. Not much to look at after using WLW though. I may find myself using the WordPress Admin panel a lot more 🙂

  5. Happy belated birthday!!

    My sister is loving her Macbook Pro too. What are you using to post with now since you aren’t using WLW?

  6. Oh well 🙂

  7. dleach says:

    My oldest bought himself a Macbook Pro… he likes it