YoName worth NoFame

This sucks – use this service and the person you are looking for gets spammed.  And you don’t get to approve it.  I don’t care if it is sent in your name or not – it’s sent by your actions.

I don’t like sites that do things I don’t expect.

YO! You’ve been searched…
This is a one-time message from www.yoName.com. We are sending you this message because someone entered rob@lagesse.org into yoName to search for your online profiles. yoName allows you to search for anyone across all the social networking sites. Use yoName to search for friends at sites like MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Xanga and many more.
Your friends at yoName.com


  1. I just tried searching myself and I did not get any spam. Maybe they shut off that feature since your post. It’s probably the best email search engine I’ve played around with.

  2. UGH, not another one of those kind of sites?!? Thanks for the heads up.