You can tell an XBOX 360 Tiger Woods golf player by the callous on their left thumb

Seriously – everyone I know that plays this game hard-core has a callous on the left outer part of the thumb from hitting the shot stick. 

Here’s a trick to help “ease the pain” – get some foam ear-bud covers (you know – the ones that come with a lot of in-ear headphones) and stretch them over the top of the stick – it’ll play *much* softer!

BTW – It also *greatly* reduces your thumb slipping off the control stick!  Available in numerous colors online, and probably in black at retailers near you.

(Disclaimer – I have no monetary involvment with any foam ear-bud manufacturers and was NOT paid for this endorsment 🙂 )



  1. I have a callous on my thumb too…haha pretty funny. I thought I was the only one!!!

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  3. Oh REALLY?

    *goes rummaging in his old archives…*

  4. Paul, you know I can’t be photographed! Between the witness protection programs stuff, my cloak of invisibility, and the fact that I am in fact only a Ruby script prevent photographs of any kind!


  5. I want a picture of you playing that way!
    Make sure you’re wearing a pocket protector and glasses with a white-taped nose bridge as well.