You can’t hide – you know that now.

Last Sunday you backed your brand new Santa Fe into my dad’s Toyota Camry.  You knew he was an older gentleman from from out of state – so you tried to screw him over, assuming you would never see or hear from him again.

You gave the police a bogus insurance card, a fake phone number, an old address and a phony driver’s license.

You tried to stick my dad with $500 worth of repairs for damage that you caused.

Imagine your surprise when your doorbell rang, your Santa Fe was blocked in, and you realized that I wasn’t trying to sell you something.

I don’t need to imagine it – I saw the look on your face up close and personal.  You were completely busted.  Even more, you were stuck – and you had a stranger blocking your only escape.  You were afraid.  Good.  Remember that feeling the next time you try to steal from someone.

I wasn’t surprised that you were driving a $25,000 SUV and living in the projects – but I was surprised at how easily you rip people off.  It just doesn’t bother you. 

But not this week. 

Not MY dad.

I’m just sorry that your dad came to your rescue and offered to pay. Me – I wanted the police to come, and throw your worthless ass in jail.

Search – the new equalizer.

You can victimize – but you can’t hide.

If your father wasn’t such a gentleman that is obviously embarrassed by you I would be publishing your name, real address, real phone number, real driver’s license number, social security number and Child Protective Services case numbers here.

Oh – and I would tell your finance company that you don’t have valid insurance on that $25,000 vehicle – your auto loan does end with xxxxx-5832-01, doesn’t it?

And my opinion of you?  I didn’t form it on my own – your own father confirmed most of it.

He had to tell me he has a crappy human being for a daughter.