You just never know…

My earlier post today about Barnacle Bill’s closing down has drawn a lot of traffic – a lot more than I think closing 6 local restaurants should attract.

So who is searching Google for Barnacle Bill’s and finding me?  I don’t know – ex-employees, suppliers?  Who knows.

But it is interesting that I have had dozens of hits on this little post.

If you are a Barnacle Bill’s employee, suddenly looking for work – I’m sorry for your loss.  I have been there, and lost that.  Might I suggest you look at The Lion and Rose, Tom’s Ribs, The Flying Saucer, or Bee’s.  All great places, all seem to treat employees well.  And the last time I was in them (recently), they were all hiring.

If you are one of the owners of Barnacle Bill’s, I would love to talk to you and find out what happened – you had great food at a decent price, and you were always busy.  What happened?



  1. Jessica, you’ve proved my point right there ” a proper notice”. Trust me they knew they would be closing. How did they get all the boards up in enough time to be all done by Monday morning if it was on short notice. Paul, Jeff, Joe, & Tim knew BB’s was closing and don’t you think the proper thing do to would have been to let the employees (that they valued so much) know BB’s would be closing and to make plans accordingly? This is an example of how they treated their employees. They looked after themselves, but not the very people who made their business as successfull as it was.

    No I didn’t work there when it did, but from what I hear it use to be better during that period.

    It wasn’t so much the conditions as it was the attitude, about what BB’s wanted from their employees. They expected everything from you, but would give nothing back. If youask some employees they’ll say they loved it, but if you ask most employees, they would tell you they hated it and they were looking for a new job.
    I’ve worked at fast food before so I know the turn over rate, but I have never seen anything like I saw working at BB’s. I mean they have a good amount of folks that were there over 2 yrs and that’s cool, but they were going to college so they were getting the benefits, but the rest….well I never really saw the same face that often. And the Managers…..there was only about 5 that had been there over 5 yrs. They would get a manager in and then they would quit and trust me this job was not a job that required an IQ of a brain surgeon. It’s was the way they treated people. When you work 14 hrs, you need a break…BB’S doesn’t think so.
    Look, if a company is ALWAYS hiring and advertising on reciepts for employment somethings not right there. Like I said I worked at fast food before so I understand the business, but working there was something I’ve never seen before.

  2. DD – what was bad about the working conditions at BB’s? Did you work there when it was affiliated with Bill Miller’s BBQ? If so, was it better then?

    (I have no affiliation with either, except as a customer)

  3. Jessica says:

    DD, hopefully you weren’t one of the unfortunate ones to so abruptly lose your job this way…if you were hang in there though. That was such a sad way for people to find out they were out of jobs. A proper notice would have been the right thing. I’ve heard some say might have been the IRS and tax problems.

  4. Hey Jessica,

    The regular employees wouldn’t know something like that. That’s something they wouldn’t share with the little guys and yes I did work there and I hated it, much like many of the other employees.

  5. Jessica says:

    Well by “Okay” I mean that as the last customers in the place at that location their last night open, nothing seemed unusual and none of the employees showed signs of anything about to happen. Now that you mention it though…we would frequent either the rigsby or s.w military locations and never saw an actual “manager” there…well maybe just once! It is strange though. If we left around 9:10pm that last night open, then who had time to board up all six locations before 9 or 10 that next morning. And did they leave everything inside intact, like the food, supplies, tables? Weird! DD…were you an employee of B-Bills?

  6. That’s funny you say everything was ok on Rigsby because that was one of the worst stores they had. All managment left that location.One of those managers walked out in the middle of the shift.
    THey had to pull another manager to run that store.

  7. Jessica says:

    Hey there! Well considering how popular this topic is in San antonio I’m surprised to be submitting the 1st comment! I agree with everything you said about the closing of Barnacle-Bill’s seafood. I thought that they had pretty good food at a fair price, my 2 and 4 year olds loved the food (their minnow’s menu grilled chicken strips). But for me…he weirdest thing is that we were probably one of the last families to eat at Barnacle Bill’s ever! No joke! We stopped by to make our last stop at my in-laws on mothers day sunday around 7:20pm and all decided to eat there because my father in law heard mothers that dined in all ate free. We jumped in our vehicles and got there about 8;10 or so. My mom in law and myself both got to choose from a menu of like 5 plates. The 8 of us ate as quickly as we could because we were the last in the place. Everything honestly seemed fine there! No managers, no boards about to be put up, no dis-aray! Later monday my mom in law told us about the news report on it! Wow! Strange. Having been the last customers at the 410 and rigsby location…we didn’t see any hints or sighns sunday night!!!

  8. I’m not quite sure what happened, but they had planned on opening up more stores in TX and they were due to open one store in July, over on the west side. I’m sure it has something to do with the way they treat thier employees or maybe the fact that they were running out of management. The minute they would get a manager in, another 2 would quit. Last time I checked, they didn’t even have enough managers to run the stores. They all just walked out or gave notice.
    The director of operations ( Joe Rodriguez) was always driving back and forth to each one of the stores to make sure they were running smoothly. As you can see, they weren’t.
    Or maybe it had something to do with Paul not listening to Jeff when he had wanted to do something different with the company. Paul wouldn’t listen to anything anyone had to say unless is was Joe Rodriguez and Joe definitely has “my way or no way” attitude. For some reason he thought working at BB’s was the best place to work. The only concern Paul, Jeff, Joe and Tim had was how much money they could make. The welfare and morale of the company was never an issue to them, just money. Maybe thier selfish ways finally caught up to them.
    Any company that has to advertise employment on a reciept is in trouble.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if somebody finally turned them in for the way they treat the employees.
    They looked for the minorites needing a job. They would hire them and pay them the least because they know they need a job and they will work for whatever pay and under any condtions.