You may notice some not new stuff here now…

I’ve stopped trying to “sell” my blog and decided I’ll just enjoy it.  All of the Blog roll crap is gone.  Google ads are gone.  Anything to do with an affiliate program *should* be gone.  I think I caught all of it.

Everything should load faster now – it’s amazing that all that crap added a whopping 500,000+ bytes to my page load. Unreal.  Shit adds up – unless you give it a really good flush every now and then.

I’ve left Google Analytics on the site because I like looking at pretty graphs, and I have left Reinvigorate – because I use them to see what’s happening on my site – and sometimes it’s good to know what is happening even if you decided to stop chasing the brass ring.  Oh and Google Search is still here, because it just works.

But the site is very much slimmed down.  It’s amazing how long it took to clear all that crap out of my files.

In any case, I feel a newfound sense of freedom with my blog – like somehow it is now ok for me to just write what I want (not that I think I wasn’t before).  But somehow now I just don’t give a flying fuck if 20 people get mad at me and unsubscribe.  Or if I piss someone else off, or offend someone that comments.

Beyond getting rid of all of the “hanging chads” I don’t see a lot else changing.  I hope my posts will be pretty much the same.

But they will load faster – and I’ll spend less time wondering what people think about what I write.

And zero time caring, anymore.

F R E E D O M ! ! !


  1. @Paul – actually, I do have people that like to look at the weather here – that’s why I just recently put it back up 🙂

  2. @All – the center justification was not intentional! It should corrected after the cache is flushed. 😳


  3. One more thing: You and your San Antonio readers KNOW what the weather is like in San Antonio!
    Others probably don’t care!

    (I know, I have one too, but in my case I do it to persuade some relatives from the Netherlands -which is, as you know, situated a few miles south of the North Pole-, to come visit me … and it’s working: 5 of them will come to attend my daughter’s wedding on October 13th!)

  4. Good riddance! Yes, your blog started to look like an overdecorated Christmas tree and was slow as molases in Alaska.
    Much better this way.
    Too bad you’ll have to do without those huge checks from Google-ads every month, but hey… the cleanup was overdue.

    (And commenter Ike is right… get rid of that centered text! This is a blog, man, not a 8 year old’s experimental poetry book!)

  5. I’d like to bring back our dear friend “Left Justify,” thank you.