"You play stupid, either way"

That’s what someone told me in an online poker game tonight.  I beat him three hands straight for over $150.  He wasn’t happy.  One, I bluffed.  Twice I had better cards, even if one happened to come on the river.

The reason he said I played stupid is that I raised once on the flop with a ZERO hand, then checked with a high pair on the flop the next hand.  I guess he thinks this is unconventional.  Or stupid.  I love playing people that think I play stupid.

Maybe unconventional is a style?  Maybe stupid is šŸ˜‰

If this poker post bored you, please try Texas Hold’em once.  It’s as simple as Solitaire but so much more fun (and it gets more complex, but really – the basic rules are as simple as solitaire).  I know so many geeks that love this game.  Maybe because they think they can figure the odds – but probably because it forces them to be social šŸ™‚


  1. But seriously folks, I can never seem to grok solitaire. Maybe hearts a bit, but never solitaire.

    Try Cricket for a change!

  2. Heh – but you miss MY point – I knew I had him each hand. He was playing exactly like I expected him to play. And my play surprised him. I didn’t start out playing that way, but I figured him out – he was purely playing the odds. So I had to skew things a bit to beat him.

    Your money? Hah – yeah, I want some of it!

  3. With all due respect, but if you, out of three hands, won one by bluffing, and one on the river … then he probably has a point!

    I can’t WAIT to play you… šŸ˜‰