“You Stupid Fuck”

Three words a friend “shared” with me tonight.

And honestly, I have been whining lately. I’ve not been happy with myself, or my life.

But my friend listened intently before uttering those three words, and then more

“You stupid fuck! You have amazing kids, and as a single father you did good. They love you, and even at 17 and 20 they kiss you goodbye every morning. even in front of their friends!

You treat your ex-wife better than I would and people look up to you. I know your employees do and you get to build cool stuff.

Dude, you have it all, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you expect perfection? Your life will never be perfect, you stupid fucking fuck”.

That was pretty much the rant I got – and deserved. She was PISSED – but not at me, just how I felt about me at the time.

Yep – that’s from one of my best friends! My enemies use better language πŸ™‚

Sometime friends help us out the most when they are completely truthful, and care more about us than our feelings.

Thanks, friend! And glad you are feeling better, and are out of harms way!


  1. deannie says:

    And Hi, chiming in to say yep, this is what true friends say, thanks for being there for me πŸ™‚

  2. True friends are so rare, hang on to this one!

  3. hey.. just wanna give you a thumbs up for taking the constructive “you stupid fuck” criticism positively.
    friends are most valuable when they tell you the truth.
    I’m figuring you’re a programmer and I am too and constantly we battle with the ethical/moral decisions lol.. but when it comes down to it man if you have a lady and a family – work for your life.. and live for your life. dude.. that shit is enviable.
    btw i got here by tying “YOU STUPID FUCK” in google πŸ™‚
    peace! send any nice fellas my way!!!!!

  4. I get that same rant from time to time also! Oh well, we can also want more right?

    BTW, I figured out your “error 22” error you got months ago when you tried to install and use Ubuntu. Jump on MSN and I can elaborate if you want to know how to fix. (Very easy btw once you discover what is wrong).

    Take care.

  5. @Paul – Thanks, and right back at ya πŸ˜‰

  6. Paul Claessen says:

    Since I consider myself a friend as well, and I care about your well-being, let me know if you want me to yell at you and cuss and call you all kinds of objectable nasty things.
    Heck, I would even do it over the phone, if that’s more effective!
    Lemme know, kiddo!