YouMakeMedia » Clips and pics from Peter Jackson’s CROSSING THE LINE

Over at YouMakeMedia, Chris has this post about the “RED” camera.  I downloaded the QuickTime clip and just watched it on my 57 inch HDTV.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!

It is absolutely unreal – the amount of detail this camera captures is scary!  It did look very good on my 24 inch HDTV LCD screen as well – but it was amazing on the really big screen.

Go grab the video – and read on Chris’s site for more info on the RED camera. 

Crossing the Line

The first short movie to be shot with RED Digital Cinema cameras, Peter Jackson’s short World War one film entitled Crossing the Line, is making a slow trek to the net in bits and pieces. Today, 4k frame grabs (in compressed JPEGs) and a short Quicktime excerpt (at 1k) were released. They are hot.

Source: YouMakeMedia » Clips and pics from Peter Jackson’s CROSSING THE LINE


  1. Chris – I “Dugg” it 🙂


  2. I’ve posted the article on Digg:

    Help it along to the frontpage!

  3. Chris – I agree. I downloaded the stills and viewed them on my HDTV – outrageous!

    I can’t wait for the first opportunity to watch a significant length film shot using the RED.

    Damn, I wish Discovery Channel could have used them to film “Planet Earth” ❗


  4. Now what is even more amazing about the clip is that it is only at 1k. Imagine the footage at FOUR TIMES the resolution – the actual 4k resolution that the camera produces.

    That is insanity.

    RED is changing the future of filmmaking.