Your Government at work: Screw the Little Guy (again)

fema-trailersThe port sustained around 300 million dollars in damage during Katrina. 600 million dollars that was targeted to low income families is being redirected to a new port project (or is that “pork project”?) – that is money that was meant to move people out of FEMA trailers and back into homes.

Instead it will pave the way for additional casinos – which provide poor paying jobs at best.

Good move, Government. You make me so freaking happy to send in my income tax check when you take such good care spending my money.

We don’t need a new President – we need a new Government.

While thousands of Mississippians who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina remain in FEMA trailers, the state intends to spend $600 million in federal grants originally earmarked for housing on a major expansion of the state-owned port a project that could eventually include casino and resort facilities.

Mississippi plans Katrina grant diversion – Life-