Your secrets not so safe with RFID-enabled passports – Engadget

Oh joy.  I think I’ll stick with my old-fashioned passport – for as long as they will let me!







The Dutch version has already been cracked, German’s can clone theirs, and Ireland’s doesn’t even have a protective sheath to keep its data safe from unauthorized readers; now it appears that you have one more reason to stick with the ole laminated paper version, as security researchers have released “proof-of-contact code that they say enables an attacker to read the passport number, date of birth, and passport expiration date.”


Source: Your secrets not so safe with RFID-enabled passports – Engadget


  1. Even IF it has an RFID chip … put your passport om the microWave for a minute or so! See last Q/A here:

  2. I’m not sure that’s completely accurate – I’ve read some reports that say all passports will need to be converted prior to 2010.  But yeah, I hear ya!

    My soliution is to stay in my own country if I can, to invest in aluminum foil (and wrap my debit card with it), and hope I don’t get my government’s attention over anything.

    Imagine.  I am afraid of my own country – one I once swore to defend with my very life.

    I know some of you may think this is over-reaction, but you are wrong.  It will take place because of under-reaction.  Because the governement believes they can do it — mostly because you aren’t telling them, "Oh no you can’t!"


  3. If you don’t want RFID, renew your passport before December. That way, you will have a good passport for the 10 years it takes them to learn how badly they messed up.