"You’ve got mail" – Uhhh.. you’ve got no job!

Half a lifetime ago I worked for this company – and I enjoyed it.  I was the boss of my own store at 23.  We had fun.  These employees are not having fun.

Radio Shack is NOT making a good move here.  You do NOT lay people off by email.  I’ve had to lay off people before, and it is never easy – but as a boss, it is my job to tell them personally.  By using email Radio Shack management is shirking their duties and telling every one of their employees that “We just don’t care a hell of a lot about you”.

This is shameful, and someone in HR (or yet ANOTHER CEO) needs to get the axe – tomorrow.

This is one of the most ignorant moves I have seen a large company make – and I’ve seen them make a LOT of ignorant moves.

My Radio Shack shopping days are over.

(thanks Deannie!)



  1. It is just this sort of behavior that makes folks so angry that they want to do crazy things like sue or join a union. It is hard to believe that there are folks this ignorant in these sorts of positions of leadership in this day and age.