Yuvi’s blog

Yuvi and I are working on moving his blog – his old host is afraid he’ll take their server down.

Right now, we’re just waiting for DNS to resolve!



  1. Rob, could you please write a post about why subdomains are inferior? 😉

  2. Yuvi had to crash – but just after he did all the DNS stuff got worked out. His blog is now up and running. Hopefully my server can handle it!

    I *really* hate subdomains!

  3. Well, they didn’t *think* I’d crash their servers, I *crashed* their servers three times straight. Then they suspended me. Then I was allowed again, and I crashed it thrice again. So was suspended again 🙂

    Think of what would’ve happened if I had crashed it as many times my app had crashed on Rob’s server…[shrug]

    So, Thanks Rob! 😉

  4. Someone remind me to write a post about why subdomains suck 🙂

    ❗ ❗ ❗

  5. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if he crashes mine 🙂

  6. His old host is probably right!