Ziga-Zoga is a brand new soccer-based Social Networking site developed by an acquaintance of mine.  If you have any interest in soccer (or in Social Networking) please visit it – join it!

It’s still rough around the edges in some places – the registration process is WAY to complex (don’t push me right into a 5 page profile creation).  Some of the text renders odd in both IE and Firefox 2 for me.


But it’s also a VERY full featured Social Networking site for something that just launched.  I think they’ll have a great deal of success with it.

If you have (or know someone who has) a kid, a brother, or a friend in soccer, or if you are a soccer fan, I encourage you to go look at this.  I know the founder’s love of the game will drive them to making this a unique (and important) site in the sport.

Best of luck Ziga-Zoga, and congratulations!



 Zikki-Zakki was originally a chant by German futbol fans imploring their players to zig zag through the opponent and onto victory (zikki-zakki zikki-zakki hoi hoi hoi).

Now, the spirit of that European chant has evolved into America’s newest soccer community dedicated to players, coaches, parents, fans and, yes, even referees, with the mission of developing a relentless grassroots movement to grow the beautiful game in North America and beyond.

Welcome to Ziga-Zoga (pronounced: Zig-ga Zāg-ga)  a revolutionary multiple-level website and portal that will equipped with state-of-the-art technology and capabilities to enhance how soccer is played, taught, viewed and shown across the United States. 

Source: Ziga-Zoga