Zune vs iPod: The Results Are In

Yep – the Zune wins.  As I said before – I’ve had iPods (plural because after about a year it is cheaper to buy a new iPod than buy a new battery.  Ecologically idiotic), Sansa media players (my kids still each have one – a nice player) and a Zune.  The Zune is by far the most useful of the devices I have ever owned.

I’m glad Wired agrees with me!

It’s true, not even Jack Bauer has ever had to make such a weighty choice (cut the red wire, Jack!) No, the question of the hour is this: which media player should you purchase this Holiday season? Do you go for the newly redesigned, extra slick, much improved Zune 2? Or do you stick with the warm basking glow of the iPod Classic’s warm basking glow? After a careful, precise, and sometimes scientific series of experiments, the Gadget Lab has made a decision about what media player deserves your hard earned ducats this season. Our choice may shock and even alarm you.

That’s right, this season we’re recommending the Zune.

Zune vs iPod: The Results Are In | Gadget Lab from Wired.com